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1.1. The xDeathMatch forum is a place reserved for the community in order to discuss. In order to ensure a good understanding between the members of this community, the administration has created a settlement for the forum.

1.2. Please note that anyone who registered on this platform have to respects= the rules below under penalty of administrative penalty (explanation below).

Forumactif Rules:

1.3. Forumactif disallows anyone who abuses of his platform (pornographic content..)

1.4. Forumactif is ready to legally prosecute those concerned according to the gravity of the act committed.


2.1. Respect each member of this platform and discuss it courteously with them: do not insult, disrespect or be vulgar with a player.

2.2. Illegal sites (example: pornographic, hacking..) are prohibited and liable to a definitive ban on the forum see IG according to severity.

2.3. Advertising for a another server is totally prohibited and you can take a permanent ban on community platforms.

2.4. Scam (definition: use a name of another player) is formally prohibited and punishable by a permanent ban.

2.5. Spam/flood (definition: repetitive posting of messages) is formally forbidden and liable to a temporary ban of the forum.

2.6. It strictly forbidden to divulge personal information of someone, this is punishable by a definitive ban and a deletion of messages.

2.7. Harassment (definition: Harassment is a series of hostile acts whose repetition psychologically weakens the individual who is the victim) is formally prohibited, punishable by a permanent ban and a suppression of messages.

2.8. Each avatar in order to do weird thing is prohibited and will be deleted by the administration with a temporary ban if the player keep using the same.

2.9. The administration have the rights to move your message or delete it if they violates the rules of the section or the rules of the forum.

2.10. The administration can temporarily close a subject if it does not respect the rules of the forum.

2.11. The administration canpermanently/temporarily ban someone in play if this person violates an important rule in this section.

2.12. Links like are strictly prohibited. (exception: part modding)

2.13. Each link leading to a illegal modification will be removed with a definitive ban if it was voluntary on the part of the creator.

2.14. Each network anonymization device is completely forbidden on our platforms and punishable by a definitive ban of the forum, see in game if you use it to access the game. (ban evading)

2.15. Do no post anything who's linked with racism or something like that. Please avoid triggering unnecessary conflicts and debates that incite hatred among members of the community.


3.1. Avoid giving your personal information.

3.2. Respect the Forum/Server Rules.

3.3. Do not use VPN.

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